May 2008


I finally watched the movie BULLY last night. Man, I knew I was going to cry and I sure did. It's one of those movies that everyone has  to see victims, bystanders and bullies alike. The problem is not going to go away unless we address it head on. We lose too many kids every year that have been so relentlessly bullied until they think the only way out is suicide. And then everyone says, oh yeah, he/she was teased so bad....

Instead of spending so much money on state testing, we need to spend money on teaching kids how to treat each other better. Teach them about how our actions have consequences and how deeply they effect each other. I've spoken to many adults that carry their wounds from being bullied during their school years. The pain does not go away. We must empower kids to speak up. It's not easy but everyone can start by watching BULLY.

Take a stand and check out:

May 2008

2013, I'm ready for you!!

Whew, can't believe 2012 has come to a close! It was quite a year--lots of fun and lots of crazy. It definitely started off with a bang with the release of Radio Rebel on the Disney Channel. It was beyond amazing to see Shrinking Violet up on the big screen and I just adored the whole cast! I also had a wonderful time speaking at several conferences/book fairs and visiting some schools. I completed my first middle grade book in 2012 and also started my first historical fiction novel. So definitely a lot of firsts.

I'm very thankful for all my writing buddies this year--my in person critique group, my critique partner and all my online author friends. You guys mean so much to me and have been so helpful. I'm also thankful for all my readers, I adore you guys too and LOVE hearing from you!

So 2013 is the year of so many possibilities! I'm working on a TV pilot and a historical middle grade novel right now that I can't wait to get back to next week!

Happy New Year to all! I hope all your dreams come true! Peace, love and possibilities in 2013!

May 2008

Back to regularly scheduled programming!

Hey, I'm back up for air! It was a great fun-filled summer, wrote some, went to the beach and drove the kids around. Radio Rebel was released on DVD in June and Simon & Schuster kindly donated 100 copies of Shrinknig Violet to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

And now I'm ready to get back into my regular writing schedule. I'm putting the finishing touches on my first middle grade novel and then it's off to my agent. And I already have another middle grade novel that's ready to be worked on. it's something I started a few years back and it keeps on calling to me. This one is historical fiction, something new for me. So maybe a little travel will be in order for this one since it's partially set in my birthplace, South Africa.

Other than that I'm going to take on some freelance writing projects this fall and do some school visits. I love school visits. Whenever I get back from a day with the kids I feel re-engergized. I also hope to attend some conferences and see some of my writer buddies and of course meet some new ones. Okay, back to my revisions.

Hope you all had a good summer too!
May 2008

Signed book contest time!

II just received shiny new copies of the updated SHRINKING VIOLET cover, complete with the Radio Rebel cover burst so that means.... I need to share, of course!

But I can't leave my other books, INDIGO BLUES and PURE RED out of the fun, so you can win copies of those books too. And then of course it's always nice to share with a local library or school so heres's how the contest works:

I will randomly pick three winners. Each winner will get to chose if they want a signed copy of Shrinking Violet, Indigo Blues or Pure Red. Then they can also chose one of those books to be sent to a school or library of their choice.

Contest starts: Tuesday, March, 6 2012 at 12pm EST
Contest ends: Tuesday, March, 20 2012 at 12pm EST
Open to U.S and Canadian entries only.

Want to up your chances of winning:
1. Tweet this contest  +1 point
2. Post it on FB  +2 points
3. Link to it on your blog or web site  +3 points

Good luck:), you can enter by leaving a comment here or by emailing me through my web site, Don't forget to mention if you've posted a link on your blog, Twitter or FB.
May 2008


Last Wednesday I was in LA for the Hollywood premiere of Radio Rebel, based on my first novel Shrinking Violet. I had such an amazing time! The whole thing was very surreal. I had met the cast in Vancouver during the summer where I spent two days on the set. I was so pleased with everyone that worked on the movie, really a stellar group of people from the actors to makeup artists to the director and producers.

The premiere was at the AMC City Walk in Hollywood. I got all glammed up, took photos on the red carpet and watched the movie on the big screen. It was really neat to watch the movie with the actors sitting next to me, watching their faces light up when they saw each other on the screen. It was their first time seeing the movie in full too. After we watched the movie we headed over to Jillians for an after party. Just Dance 3 was there, along with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and several other great sponsors. I met so many cool people including the script writers of the movie Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott. Also there were the songwriters Matthew Tishler and Andrew Ang. And I got to meet my wonderful film agent, Stephen Moore in person.

Here I am with the super talented and equally lovely April Telek who plays Delilah in the movie.

Here I am with the hilarious script writers Jessica Scott and Erik Patterson and of course Debby Ryan.

Here's a red carpet shot of the cast.

Here is Merritt Patterson (the nicest "mean girl" you'll ever meet, she plays Stacy) and Atticus Dean Mitchell who plays Gabe and whom my 7 yr old son was so impressed with.

To my left is Jane Goldenring, the amazing producer who optioned Shrinking Violet and shares my love of chocolate cake:)!

Above: I'm hanging at the after party with Andrew Ang and Matthew Tishler the masterminds behind the catchy tunes in Radio Rebel.

So to sum up my experience at the premiere: AMAZING! And I must say I feel very grateful for my whole journey form the first second I got the idea for Shrinking Violet to publication and then on to the movie! Much love to all those that supported me and my book along the way! 
May 2008

Say what?

2011 is really coming to a close, it just zipped right past me! To summarize the year in one word: RAD!
I visited the set of the movie Radio Rebel in Vancouver this summer with my family. Radio Rebel is based on my first novel Shrinking Violet. We had an amazing two days with the cast and crew--featuring Debby Ryan as Tere (Tara). I was blown away by the talent and can't wait until the movie hits the DIsney Channel in early 2012!

My third novel Pure Red was released by Flux. I had an awesome launch party at Books & Books in Miami, complete with artwork by the local MIami painter, Jaques LaRoche.

I am almost finished working on my first middle grade novel and have started revising another YA novel. And of course one of the best things I did was visit schools and book festivals. The highlight--teaching creative writing workshops and then having students share their work at the end.

Here's a quick behind-the-scene look at Radio Rebel, check out

I will also have movie and book updates and contests on my web site coming up in the new year so stick around:

Have a happy, wonderful new year filled with family, friends and chocolate!
May 2008

Paint the town red: Pure Red hits the bookshelves today!

Pure Red is my third book and I couldn't be more excited about it. I actually wrote it before Shrinking Violet and Indigo Blues but sold it afterward.

So what am I doing on my book birthday?

1. I wore red shoes today.

2. I went to have a pumpkin spice latte this morning with a friend. Because after all pumpkin is a color and Pure Red is all about color!

3.  I am going to write today. Hopefully, 1000 words on my latest novel--a funny, quirky middle grade.

4. Then tonight I am hosting a chat with my Flux book release buddies: Karen Kincy, Nick James, Anya Parrish and Scott Tracey. It runs from 7:30 to 9:30pm, EST. Hope you can join us!

5. I am running a contest on my website, so hop on over and check it out: Purchase a copy of Pure Red and you could win a signed copy of Shrinking Violet or Indigo Blues.

May 2008

Checking in...

It's been a long time since my last post so I thought I'd stop by and let you know that I still love you:). So what have I been up to?

1. I've been pouring all my writerly energies into revising my novel Graveyard Shift. Call me crazy but I really do love revising! This one's about love, ghosts and searching for justice, sprinkled with humor. So hopefully after the next round of revisions it will find a home!

2. It's summer, the kids are out of school and I love watermelon! I also have been watching old shows with the kids like my all time favs, Different Strokes and Punky Brewster. And they have introduced me to one of their new Disney Channel favs, "So Random!"

3. I'll be going to a writing retreat in a few weeks that I'm so looking forward too. It's so important to connect with other writers since, well, you spend a lot of solitary time writing. Plus, I will have uninterrupted writing time, that is bliss in itself!

4. Pure Red will hit the shelves in less than three months. I'll add some tour dates to my web site in the next month or so.

5. My sister is getting married in August and I'm the maid of honor so I will be enjoying wedding festivities soon!

6. I've also joined forces with an amazing group of writers that also write young adult and middle grade ficiton about the arts, Check us out! We will be doing tours starting the fall and will have some great book giveaways!

More exciting updates to come soon!

May 2008

Tidbits of of useful and not so useful info

1. I just finished my copy edits for Pure Red, yay! Pure Red comes out this September 8 from Flux. I actually wrote Pure Red before Shrinking Violet and Indigo Blues but sold it third.

2. I'm excited to be speaking at Maple Hill Middle School in Castleton, NY this coming Friday!

3. I'll also be at the Hudson Children's Book Festival on Saturday in Hudson, NY. This is my third time at the festival and I really enjoy it. So if you're in the area, come buy a book and get it signed. There will be over 100 authors!

4. I'm instructed not to throw out any light bulbs because my six year old son is collecting them. They now have faces drawn on with a Sharpie and sleep in a shoebox.

5. I'm getting back to work on my novel in progress, Freestyle but before I do that I must waste a lot of time surfing the net! I try not to but I always do.

6. I found out for sure yesterday that cockroaches really do have wings. Something I try not to think about but is inevitable in South Florida!