April 23rd, 2013

May 2008


I finally watched the movie BULLY last night. Man, I knew I was going to cry and I sure did. It's one of those movies that everyone has  to see victims, bystanders and bullies alike. The problem is not going to go away unless we address it head on. We lose too many kids every year that have been so relentlessly bullied until they think the only way out is suicide. And then everyone says, oh yeah, he/she was teased so bad....

Instead of spending so much money on state testing, we need to spend money on teaching kids how to treat each other better. Teach them about how our actions have consequences and how deeply they effect each other. I've spoken to many adults that carry their wounds from being bullied during their school years. The pain does not go away. We must empower kids to speak up. It's not easy but everyone can start by watching BULLY.

Take a stand and check out: http://www.thebullyproject.com