daniellejoseph (daniellejoseph) wrote,

Back to regularly scheduled programming!

Hey, I'm back up for air! It was a great fun-filled summer, wrote some, went to the beach and drove the kids around. Radio Rebel was released on DVD in June and Simon & Schuster kindly donated 100 copies of Shrinknig Violet to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

And now I'm ready to get back into my regular writing schedule. I'm putting the finishing touches on my first middle grade novel and then it's off to my agent. And I already have another middle grade novel that's ready to be worked on. it's something I started a few years back and it keeps on calling to me. This one is historical fiction, something new for me. So maybe a little travel will be in order for this one since it's partially set in my birthplace, South Africa.

Other than that I'm going to take on some freelance writing projects this fall and do some school visits. I love school visits. Whenever I get back from a day with the kids I feel re-engergized. I also hope to attend some conferences and see some of my writer buddies and of course meet some new ones. Okay, back to my revisions.

Hope you all had a good summer too!

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